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  深圳市丰得电路科技有限公司We engage mainly in making of high-frequency microwave PCB and fast double & multi-layered sample making services. We are experienced in the professional production of the high-frequency circuit boards of applications in power divider, coupler, combiner, amplifier, trunk amplifier, base station and 3G antenna, etc., with readily available stock of homemade or imported materials of 2.2 ~ 10.3 dielectric constant, and immediately, enabling timeliness of fast sampling services. We pay attention to training and introduction of talented people, which contributes to the Company high-caliber executives of a brilliant array in technology, production and management, who are vigorous and dynamic, professional, diligent and experienced. Of the Company’s payroll, those with higher education make up 30%, among which, there are 20 odd executives as ....[View More]

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Mr. Liu:13670009161

Adress:Shenzhen city Baoan District

Xixiang Zhong Wu industrial zone


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